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How to Start a Blog (And Make Money)

Every day, an avid blogger cringes at the sight of the new blogger coming forth, inexperienced and clueless about the rules and shortcuts to the blogging world. The newbie, we all know, brings down the price of the blogging business for all of us. But with a few simple lessons, we’re about to change all that.

You Are Not Anne Frank – We Probably Don’t Care About Your Life
In the blogging world today, people can get the idea that a blog is a journal. It isn’t. You know what is? A freaking journal. Let’s keep it that way, people. A blog is, and I quote, “a website on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.” This does not mean that you are allowed to write all about yourself or your experiences, unless you are an extreme adventurer that happens to do something death-defying every day. If not, please save that for your journal. I hear they have those online nowadays, too.
The Nuts and Bolts of Blogging
A blog, when written correctly, should be entertaining, perhaps mildly humorous, and above all, informative. It doesn’t have to sound like your English professor wrote it, however. Quite the contrary, you can write like I do, with my easygoing attitude and use of occasional modern slang words.
The most important aspect of a blog is that you want your reader to walk away thinking “now I know how to do that!”
Don’t know how to get to that point? Still stuck? I suggest checking out Master Dayton’s blog. He is an inspirational writer with a great story to tell, having gone in and out of homelessness twice but still never giving up. He can teach you not only more about blogging, but about freelance writing as well; a similar career path but not quite the same thing as blogging.
I would also advise you to take the month-long free trial for the Keyword Academy. No matter what you already know, it doesn’t hurt to learn a few more things about the subject you may be planning on pursuing a career in. If you haven’t already decided whether blogging is the right thing for you, the Keyword Academy will help you.
Deciding Where to Blog
Once you’ve figured out how to properly write a knock-‘em-out blog, you need to figure out where you’re going to put it – and the decision can be a lot harder than you may think.
Firstly, are you willing to spend the extra money to host your own blog? This means owning your own blogging site, controlling the design and everything all by yourself, and maintaining the traffic that comes to it on your own. You can also buy your own host site through WordPress, which would probably be cheaper than creating a site by yourself. With WordPress, you have easy-to-place template designs for your blogging site.
Or, would you rather just use one of the many free blogging sites across the World Wide Web? This also includes WordPress – just, not your own website on it. You’d get a free domain name and the basic blogging deal, which is no better than any of the other free blogging sites.
Some of the other free popular blogging sites include HubPages, Blogger, Livejournal, and Tumblr. I don’t suggest the last one, however, because it’s become more of a social media site rather than a blogging site. I for one don’t take any of the blogs on Tumblr seriously when I know that my grammatically incorrect, horribly-in-need-of-sentence-structure classmates are also on there.
Blogging can be Worth a Gold Mine
Now, once you begin writing your blogs correctly, you can begin potentially making money off that. How, you ask? Why, through passive income of course.
The first thing you need to do is set up an ad program on your blogging sites. For example, HubPages and WordPress have ad programs where advertisers will put ads on your blog page, giving you a percentage of the income for every click on their ad. Over time and with multiple blogs, this can rack up to even a full-time job.
The Best Parts of Blogging/Passive Income
One of the best things about blogging is that you’re your own boss. You “come into work” when you’re ready, get off whenever you feel like, and set your schedule to how you favor it. The only problem with that is that if you don’t work with enough diligence and discipline, your income will eventually start to show that. You have to keep up the hard work to run your business, even if you are just a blogger.
The second greatest thing about blogging is that, thanks to receiving passive income, you don’t have to worry about getting time off or scheduling in advance a vacation. Rather than stressing over how you’re not getting paid the week
you’re going to be gone, you can just sit back, relax, and watch your passive income continuously roll in.
Because here’s the thing – it never stops. No matter how long your blog is up, as long as it’s getting hits and clicks, you’re still making money. Some bloggers can have a blog up for years and still make a hundred bucks or so each month on it. Some can make even more than that – it all just depends.
Thank you for taking time out to read my blog, and I hope it helps you along your own blogging path. May the pen be with you.


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How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer

Before You Start Looking at Writing Websites
Think for a moment. Are you better at one-on-one employer-to-contractor relationships, or are you better at coming up with articles yourself and posting them when you want? If you prefer the latter, you might consider becoming a professional blogger instead. Rather than what it sounds like, blogging can actually be very plentiful in income and can easily be a full-time job.
If you decide you want to blog instead, I suggest still continuing this article – it has some sites where blogging can earn you some big bucks, and will teach you how to earn them through passive income.
Beware the Sites that will Eat Your Soul
My very first official article was released on Helium, a site of which I will not even link in this article for reasons explained below. It was an extensive preview on the video game Tiger Woods PGA 13. Even as a spanking new writer, I knew it was good. It had evenly balanced SEO content, hyperlinks, a demo, pictures; everything to the tee. I was the only one who wrote an article for it, and Helium sold it off quickly.
I was paid a total of one dollar.
You know what I call that? A rip-off – and one of the many reasons why I will not link Helium to my blog. Helium.com is a site that draws in a lot of new freelance writers; writers who want to spread their writing wings and fly and think that any writing site will get them noticed. This is a terrible error on the writer’s part, and a terrible trick on the website’s. You earn little to no income, and you can’t make a future with this site.
Other sites you may have heard of but are not advised if you actually intend on making freelance writing a career are oDesk, Squidoo, or Yahoo! Voices (previously known as Associated Content). They appear to have jobs galore and contractors with tons of income coming in. They appear to have easygoing employers who are willing to work with new people who have no experience and are friendly. They appear to have all the opportunities you’ve been looking for. In reality, they don’t.
The Guru Knows All
The next site I visited is where I earned my first “real” money – one hundred fifty dollars for one article. I was to write an eBook about myself; it didn’t matter how big or how small it was, but I was to make it personal and draw emotion from my readers. I did so, and was paid instantly from my employer.
What do we call this magical website? Guru.com, baby. But, there’s a catch. Very few actually make it to the big time on Guru. There are a few note-worthy people – Stephanie Clark, for instance, makes around $60,000 a year just on Guru alone. It’s suggested that you sign up for the Guru Vendor profile rather than just a basic profile – the money spent is probably worth it in the long run, if you’re good enough.
Though Guru has made some comfortable with their income, I wouldn’t suggest just using it to base your career on. The main reason I’ve mentioned it in my article is that it’s a good place to get in some proposal practice. As a freelance writer, you’ll be expected to write proposals as part of your career, for most people. A proposal is basically when you give your potential employer a run-down of what you can do, how fast you can do it, how much you’re going to charge to do it, and some sucking up to them so they feel respected as an employer.
Other Sites that can Jump-Start Your Career
Honestly, it’s probably best to research proposals; find some good articles based solely on how to write them, discover which proposal technique fits you. I would suggest going to this site here for great proposal ideas – it’s where I got mine when I was just starting out.
Other sites that may help build your career are Elance and Workersonboard. Where Elance is very similar to Guru, Workersonoard is a site with hundreds of links to writing sites where you can get high pay, a full-time job, or experience. It’s helpful to already experienced writers or those just starting out, because there’s literally a link for practically everyone – all you have to do is find yours.
Making a Living Through Passive Income
You’ve been to all the sites, but nothing’s really panned out the way you want it. You just can’t hit that point you need in order to start rolling in the dough. So instead, I will introduce to you the idea of passive income. Basically, this means that once you write an article, you will continuously get money for it, month after month – period. Over time, you’ll progressively earn more and more for your article. By increasing traffic to your article, you can increase the amount quicker as well.
So how do you do it? How do you achieve just sitting back while your articles already out in the world wide web make hundreds? Easy – with ads.
Ads are a freelancing writer’s friend. With sites like HubPages and WordPress, all you have to do is connect your articles with their ad program, and when your readers click on their ads, you get a percentage of the income.
An easier explanation and demonstration can be taught through the Keyword Academy. Their purpose is to help eager young writers like you achieve your goals – and far above them as well.
I also seriously advise you to check out Master Dayton’s blog. I find his information and advice helpful and inspirational. He has a great story behind him and will help you further build your freelancing career. For anyone with a writer’s sense of humor, you might also find him to be funny throughout his articles, giving a needed laugh while still discussing the pressing matters of life – money and how to get it.
Thank you for the time in reading my blog, and I do hope it helps you along your freelance writing path. May the pen be with you.
Also, I’ve had this article on here before, but deleted it in order to put it on my new website. I do suggest going and checking it out, as I have numerous other blog posts on there that might be of interest to you. Enjoy.

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