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How to Start a Blog (And Make Money)

Every day, an avid blogger cringes at the sight of the new blogger coming forth, inexperienced and clueless about the rules and shortcuts to the blogging world. The newbie, we all know, brings down the price of the blogging business for all of us. But with a few simple lessons, we’re about to change all that.

You Are Not Anne Frank – We Probably Don’t Care About Your Life
In the blogging world today, people can get the idea that a blog is a journal. It isn’t. You know what is? A freaking journal. Let’s keep it that way, people. A blog is, and I quote, “a website on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.” This does not mean that you are allowed to write all about yourself or your experiences, unless you are an extreme adventurer that happens to do something death-defying every day. If not, please save that for your journal. I hear they have those online nowadays, too.
The Nuts and Bolts of Blogging
A blog, when written correctly, should be entertaining, perhaps mildly humorous, and above all, informative. It doesn’t have to sound like your English professor wrote it, however. Quite the contrary, you can write like I do, with my easygoing attitude and use of occasional modern slang words.
The most important aspect of a blog is that you want your reader to walk away thinking “now I know how to do that!”
Don’t know how to get to that point? Still stuck? I suggest checking out Master Dayton’s blog. He is an inspirational writer with a great story to tell, having gone in and out of homelessness twice but still never giving up. He can teach you not only more about blogging, but about freelance writing as well; a similar career path but not quite the same thing as blogging.
I would also advise you to take the month-long free trial for the Keyword Academy. No matter what you already know, it doesn’t hurt to learn a few more things about the subject you may be planning on pursuing a career in. If you haven’t already decided whether blogging is the right thing for you, the Keyword Academy will help you.
Deciding Where to Blog
Once you’ve figured out how to properly write a knock-‘em-out blog, you need to figure out where you’re going to put it – and the decision can be a lot harder than you may think.
Firstly, are you willing to spend the extra money to host your own blog? This means owning your own blogging site, controlling the design and everything all by yourself, and maintaining the traffic that comes to it on your own. You can also buy your own host site through WordPress, which would probably be cheaper than creating a site by yourself. With WordPress, you have easy-to-place template designs for your blogging site.
Or, would you rather just use one of the many free blogging sites across the World Wide Web? This also includes WordPress – just, not your own website on it. You’d get a free domain name and the basic blogging deal, which is no better than any of the other free blogging sites.
Some of the other free popular blogging sites include HubPages, Blogger, Livejournal, and Tumblr. I don’t suggest the last one, however, because it’s become more of a social media site rather than a blogging site. I for one don’t take any of the blogs on Tumblr seriously when I know that my grammatically incorrect, horribly-in-need-of-sentence-structure classmates are also on there.
Blogging can be Worth a Gold Mine
Now, once you begin writing your blogs correctly, you can begin potentially making money off that. How, you ask? Why, through passive income of course.
The first thing you need to do is set up an ad program on your blogging sites. For example, HubPages and WordPress have ad programs where advertisers will put ads on your blog page, giving you a percentage of the income for every click on their ad. Over time and with multiple blogs, this can rack up to even a full-time job.
The Best Parts of Blogging/Passive Income
One of the best things about blogging is that you’re your own boss. You “come into work” when you’re ready, get off whenever you feel like, and set your schedule to how you favor it. The only problem with that is that if you don’t work with enough diligence and discipline, your income will eventually start to show that. You have to keep up the hard work to run your business, even if you are just a blogger.
The second greatest thing about blogging is that, thanks to receiving passive income, you don’t have to worry about getting time off or scheduling in advance a vacation. Rather than stressing over how you’re not getting paid the week
you’re going to be gone, you can just sit back, relax, and watch your passive income continuously roll in.
Because here’s the thing – it never stops. No matter how long your blog is up, as long as it’s getting hits and clicks, you’re still making money. Some bloggers can have a blog up for years and still make a hundred bucks or so each month on it. Some can make even more than that – it all just depends.
Thank you for taking time out to read my blog, and I hope it helps you along your own blogging path. May the pen be with you.


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Steve Jobs and his Impact on the World

Find out some things you didn’t know about the great Steve Jobs and learn about the life lessons he’s taught us on my website, right here.


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5 Lessons the Founders of Google Taught Us

                The founders of the widely used Google search engine and successful entrepreneurs, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, have been united in their company since 1998, when Google first spread its wings. It’s their bond, their friendship that we can learn from as life lessons. Here are some of the things Brin and Page have taught us not only about life, but also about successful entrepreneurial advancements as well.

1. Opposites Attract

                Brin and Page met in graduate school in 1995. For nearly an entire year, they argued about nearly everything. They simply couldn’t get along. But then their friendship emerged when Brin joined Page’s BackRub research project, which explored backlinks and was the first step in Google’s magnificent creation.

                Now, 16 years later, Brin and Page are still co-founders, co-partners, successful entrepreneurs,  and best friends. They work well together only because they’re so different. And doesn’t that make sense? After all, how different are you from your best friend?

2. Greatness Comes from Unlikely Places

                Just like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, these successful entrepreneurs started out by creating Google in a dorm room – and from there, it certainly took off.  By June 2000, Google had collected more than one billion URLs, making it the most comprehensive search engine on the internet.

                This just goes to show that no matter where you come from, where you started out at, or where you are now, you can do great things. Has anyone ever belittled you because of any of those three reasons? Has anyone doubted your abilities because of who they thought you were? Say no more – you know the truth, and what you’re capable of.

3. It’s Good to Have Friends in High Places

                Brin and Page wouldn’t be the successful entrepreneurs that they are today had it not been for two very generous colleagues – also graduates from the same school as Brin and Page, Stanford University. These two men, Sun Microsystem’s Andy Bechtolsheims and Kleiner Perkin’s John Doerr, helped fund the first seeds for Google. Without that first step, this powerful search engine probably wouldn’t exist.

                The lesson here is that sometimes you need to rely on your friends to help you out with difficult situations – that’s what friends are for, after all. It’s important to never use them, keep them close, and help them out in return one day should they need help from you. Do you have a friend that would support you like these two men supported these successful entrepreneurs? Do you have friends that would support you in your decisions, help you through the tough times, and have your back through it all?

4. Think Big

                Google is one of the fastest-growing and technology diversified companies in the world – all thanks to the men behind it, the brave thinkers, the successful entrepreneurs, Brin and Page. Some thoughts, like space travel, are too advanced for our time, but others help to revolutionize our world. Google is so versatile and so abstract that no one knows where it’ll go next as far as ideas and inventions go.

                The idea here is to always think more than you think you can – think big or go home. Without a positive mindset or charismatic intuition, what are your thoughts worth? Who are you as an individual?

5. Have Fun

                Controlling a billion upon billion dollar corporation can be stressful and time consuming, but these successful entrepreneurs make it work. How? By adding their own inventive thinking and humor into the mix.

                Brin and Page produce pranks, jokes, and games throughout Google as personal entertainment for themselves. In 2003, Google explained how “PigeonRank,” they’re novel search technology, delivered fast and accurate search results thanks to pigeons. In an FAQ section of the page, it was asked “Aren’t pigeons really stupid? How do they do this?” to which Google replied “While no pigeon has actually been confirmed for a seat on the Supreme Court, pigeons are surprisingly adept at making instant judgments when confronted with difficult choices.”

                If you type in “Google Gravity” and press the “I’m feeling lucky” option, the page loses it’s gravity and you can play around with it. Another fun game is if you type in “zerg rush” into Google. You’ll be literally battling the letters of the word “Google” on the screen until it freezes, meaning it’s game over. What are some other pranks and games you know of that Google has done?

                It’s these fun-loving and somewhat youthful ideals that make Google the less strict, friendly search engine it is today. Brin and Page teach us this final, and maybe most important lesson: you can’t have all work and no play.

                Brin and Page are two successful entrepreneurs that went above and beyond any expectations, earning billions of dollars in the process. It’s thanks to these two men that we have the most comprehensive and loved site on the internet – Google. Without these two men, we would be lacking valuable life lessons as well. What are some things you’ve learned from Brin and Page, or their success? What do you think makes them unique; what do you think makes you unique? What are some life lessons you’ll be taking away from this article that you didn’t know of before?


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